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We standardized and automate developed tools and services to deliver high quality applications. Approach us to match the speed of evolving business requirements by automating processes and applying rapid iterations. In the emerging fast paced business environment, speed of rolling out products should be top priority. Mayura It Solutions has standardized its development chain of tools to improve quality and business efficiency while reducing production costs simultaneously.

Product Design

Putting your customers at the heart of the design process results in products they will turn to again and again.

Our Integrated Approach

Our integrated approach where Axpert takes over building code free applications and user research achieves best-in-industry results that are not only visually clear and stunning, but they also uniquely express your brand, drive customer engagement, and accelerate your strategic goals.

As an understanding of the technical platforms it enables our product design team to fully embrace the capabilities of each medium and maintain feasibility within project constraints.

Building on the work of our application Strategy team, we shepherd your product through the entire design process. We aim to achieve your strategic goals while delivering exceptional interactions with visual polish. We also collaborate with our Software Engineering team to ensure our designs are technically feasible within the constraints of the project. At the same time, we’re watching for innovative new technologies that can make the experience more seamless.

How We Work

We dream, architect, design and develop. But more than that, we are a team of passionate people driven by code free innovative solutions and deliver unparalleled results.

We understand that your applications should provide value to end users. This requires developing a bug-free, fully-functional product, which can only be attained via comprehensive mobile app quality assurance (QA).

Using an inherent agile testing process, we test all use cases, problematic edge case scenarios, and all functional and visual aspects in the software life cycle.

We offer full mobile app QA services on multiple devices, in multiple environments. We perform robust mobile app testing that includes manual testing, visual QA, and automated testing to ensure that your application works perfectly and engages and retains users.

Consulting-Driven Approach

Globally, many companies have invested in various application development technologies and initiatives, and have become early adopters of this disruptive technology. Here the application development revolves around Axpert and continue to evolve, businesses are finding new ways to reap greater value. In order to illustrate how organizations can benefit from a ‘Code Free’ application development approach, Axpert takes a deep dive into the consulting-led approach taken by Mayura IT Services to achieve large-scale adoption and value-creation for its clients.

Learn how enterprises can realize unprecedented value by taking a business oriented approach wherein the service provider’s consulting and the technology offerings are integrated to ensure successful Agile Cloud adoption.


Axpert is a software platform which is hosted on cloud infrastructure and can be shared by many customers there by bringing the cost of development and maintenance down. In many cases, these platforms may also be needed to be deployed in private clouds to address security concerns. The Cloud helps you build applications quickly with code free solutions.

Axpert is an effective software platform for large corporations to develop, maintain and extend their custom applications. The applications are built on cloud and can be built without deep any coding and hence offers significant benefits like early go to market, quick and easy change management.

Axpert also helps in avoiding the risk of software application becoming a constraint to business. Instead, AxpertTM     supports ‘Agile’ business. AxpertTM     enables and offers business managers to remain on the top of any situation.

Automated mobile application testing is the best means to ensure that new product versions do not hinder functionality or create new bugs. Compared to manual testing, automation in mobile application quality assurance offers many benefits such as:

  • Lesser time to market.
  • Ability to test complex business logic.
  • Cost Cutting.
  • Less risk of human error.

Mature Project Governance Disciplines

Support & Maintenance

We give support & answer every query after deployment.

Requirement Gathering

Requirement Gathering is the first and very important part of our mobile app development process.

UI/UX Design

We create eye catchy design with the help of latest tools of designing.


After designing, the prototype of your app gets ready which is sent for development then.

App Development

The Development gets started on the preferable platforms with complete transparency.

Quality Assurance

We do not compromise in quality so we make sure you get 100%
bug free app.


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