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The U.S patented technology combines the best of Usability design and the right selection of the technology stack. These are identified based on a detailed analysis of the end user behavior, business requirements and most importantly the objectives that the app needs to fulfill.


Agile Labs is a technology company from India, with its own uniqueness and is a patented technology platform-Axpert. Agile is one of the few IT firms from India to have stuck to a core product strategy, without getting distracted by growth and expansion pressures. Agile has been through ups and downs in the marketplace, where technologies come and go, and has won the trust of discerning customers in India and abroad. It has successfully broken the ‘Made in India’ barrier to acceptance across the geographies, even in the sophisticated markets of The US and Canada. The team has successfully delivered prestigious projects in India, China, Bhutan, Sri-Lanka, Africa, Middle East and North America.

AXPERT Architecture

  • Pre-built Modern UI Templates.
  • Web services driven architecture helps apps exchange Data.
  • Each layer is isolated and are not dependent.
  • Multi-Tenant database Architecture.
  • Apps run on separate instance.
  • Metadata Driven.
  • App can be customized.

Software creation and development using Axpert technology requires database professionals and domain experts. The best thing about Axpert is that there is no need for writing code in business and presentation layer.The Axpert web pages and services in Axpert service bus are provided as part of Axpert platform. The applications are developed using Axpert IDE. Axpert is absolutely not a code generator. It does not create web services for each structure. The Axpert service bus (web services) and web pages remain common across transaction structures and applications. The Axpert web pages are dot net pages and the Axpert web services can be deployed on IIS.


  • No Deep Coding: Reduces developmenttime and effort by 50%
  • Uniqueness: Axpert comes with on the fly definition of forms, reports, work flows and widgets.
  • Go to cloud: Just one clicks to deploy on cloud.
  • Manage change: Change your software when business need change.
  • Build to fit: Implement your process as you want. No need to change your process for software using the change management.
  • Console Connect: Build new applications and connect with it yourself.


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